Celebrating our Wonderful Teachers During Teacher Appreciation Week

One of the elements of La Scuola International School we are most proud of and thrilled to share about is our community of teachers! Being a school that values lifelong learning, all our teachers are enthusiastic, fun, vibrant and inspiring to the students and their fellow faculty.

We wanted to be sure there was a place on our blog highlighting them this week during teacher appreciation week with some of the latest acknowledgements & fun happenings with some of our amazing teachers!

News and Updates on what some of our teachers have been up to!

In April La Scuola's Italian Teachers were recognized by the Italian Consul General at the Annual Italian Teachers meeting at the Italian Institute of Culture! We were all reminded that Italian is now the fourth most studied language in the world! So grateful we are able to share this language through our Italian Immersion Curriculum.

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Professional Development is a core value at La Scuola and students directly benefit from teachers' continuous learning and inspiration. Another group of teachers were sent during Spring Break to Emilia-Romagna to the home or the Reggio Emilia Approach at the Loris Malaguzzi International Centre. Here they participated in workshops, seminars and group activities that offered all of them deeper looks into the Reggio Emilia Approach to learning which is the heart of our school here at La Scuola!

Buon Viaggio Silvia, Eleonora, Roberta & Tim!

Buon Viaggio Silvia, Eleonora, Roberta & Tim!

“Passion and inspiration are the two words that pop up in my head when I think about Reggio Emilia. You can almost touch the ideas that every single teacher and atelierista and pedagogista have shared with us. They were explaining some of the projects with the children and showing us their work with such a passion that it was impossible to not feel motivated and impatient to go back to school and put into practice what we have learned.

Also, what struck me in a particular way was the TIME given to the children to explore, to learn following their rhythms and interests, the time to get to know (a deep knowledge) every material and really explore every feature through the 100 languages.”

                                              - Roberta Head Teacher & PreK Extended Care Coordinator

Here in the States, teachers have been out “in the field” quite a bit with lots of field trips and outings as well! Our grade 4-5 teachers Michael-James & Melina are recently back from a camping trip with their students to the nearby Redwoods. While two of our Middle School teachers, Matt and Douglas brought their classes out to a ropes course for a day of team building!

Melina & Michael-James with grade 4-5 in the Redwoods!

Melina & Michael-James with grade 4-5 in the Redwoods!

Middle Schoolers out on the ropes!

Middle Schoolers out on the ropes!

To all our teachers who endeavor everyday to reach new ground and new discoveries with our children both inside the classroom and beyond, GRAZIE DI CUORE!!!

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La Scuola International School Offers Cultural Exchange Program Opportunity in Lucca, Italy

Lucca will be the destination for this first Cultural Exchange Program  and Immersion opportunity for la Scuola Families to enjoy together!

Lucca will be the destination for this first Cultural Exchange Program and Immersion opportunity for la Scuola Families to enjoy together!

We have an exciting opportunity to offer our La Scuola families this summer!  For the first time we have put together a cultural exchange program for families to enjoy together along with Italian language classes!

We invite you to enjoy a week at in the historical town of Lucca, Italy. In partnership with the Lucca Italian School (LIS) you have the opportunity to be immersed in Italian Language through the classes they offer. This retreat will be from July 8th-12th.  During your time there you will have the opportunity to take

1) Italian Language Classes for Parents

2) Italian Language Classes for Children

3) Take part in Cultural Experiences

1) Language Lessons for Parents

Parent group Italian language classes are held from 9:15am-1pm, Monday-Friday (20 hours total) for 208€ (discounted rate).  You are placed in the appropriate language level that is suited for you. Every day includes a 25 minute coffee break in the midmorning.

2) Language Lessons for Children

At the same time from 9:15am-1pm, a private children's Italian language class is held. Price ranges depending on number of students in the group from 350-550€.  Minimum group size is 2 and maximum is 6 for private class. 

3) Cultural Experiences

Families will partake in 3 cultural experiences during the week in the afternoons: 

a) Pizza Making: 3-hour hands-on cooking class in which students learn how to prepare pizza (dough and a variety of toppings). It will be held in our school's kitchen

b) Tour in town: On the first day, in the afternoon, discover Lucca's rich history and traditions on a 2 hours walking tour. 

c) Choose your own excursion! Take a train or bus to the outskirts of town to one of these following locations: 

- Pisa by train

- Viareggio (seaside) by train, entrance to the private beach included

-Collodi (Pinocchio Park), by private bus, entrance ticket included

- Garfagnana by private bus,  Devil's bridge and Verrucole Fortress (guided visit inside the medieval castle), entrance ticket included

The total for the pizza making, tour in town, and an excursion is ~ 100€/person.  

Excursion Details

Some notes about the excursions: 

Pisa is the famous town of art; you will see the famous Piazza dei Miracoli with the Leaning Tower and the Duomo. You will walk around the town, get to the river Arno, stop for a drink or an ice-cream there, cross the river and walk to the train station passing along the shopping road. It's about 3 hours, no museums but an open-air excursion. Train ride about 30 minutes. 

Viareggio  is a beach town, with a large private sandy beach, with umbrellas and deck chairs, and children playgrounds. You will spend a quiet afternoon there (~3 hours) Train ride about 30 minutes.

Collodi is the place where the writer of the book of Pinocchio (named Carlo Collodi) used to live. There's a nice open-air park for children, dedicated to Pinocchio and his adventures. See this website. Private bus ride, about 40 minutes. 

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Garfagnana is a mountain region north of Lucca, still wild and not touristic, rich in history. The Devil's Bridge is a famous bridge 1000 years old. We'll stop by the bridge and tell its legendary tale. Then we will reach the Fortress (after a 20 minutes walk uphill), where we will visit the Castle under the guidance of the staff. It's a special visit, interactive, and participants will know the history of medieval times and how people lived in that age. Very interesting in particular for children from 5/6 to 12 years old. See this website. Private bus ride, one hour and a half. 

5) Flights and Housing

La Scuola and LIS do not cover flights or provide housing for families in Lucca. LIS  provided a brochure with some rental agents and private property owners whom they collaborate with. Also, LIC encourages families to use Airbnb or rent a hotel while they are there. LIS can offer recommendations and assist with finding the right place for your family.

6) Contact and Registration Information

To inquire about this experience further and book the trip.  Please reach out to Daniela Bonaccorsi at daniela@luccaitalianschool.com

You may also inquire with Marissa Weitzman from La Scuola at marissa.weitzman@lascuolasf.org

Buon Viaggio!

La Dolce Vita Gala is March 30th!

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Gala season is upon us here in San Francisco! And La Scuola is delighted to participate. This year's La Dolce Vita gala will be held on March 30, 2019 at the Westfield San Francisco Centre.

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La Dolce Vita is a formal gala that includes a three-course dinner, silent and live auctions, and dancing -- a great way to enjoy a night out with your fellow families, faculty and staff while supporting the school.

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We are looking for donations for all of our auctions as well as selling ads for the auction catalogue. Tickets are on sale until March 15th.

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Donations are being accepted through March 8th. You can make donations through here.

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And of course there will be amazing Italian cuisine. Savor the Taste of Italy experience featuring local Bay Area Italian food artisans such as Ramini Mozzarella and 54 Mint.

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La Dolce Vita is our annual, volunteer-led fundraising gala. This is the signature event for La Scuola, which educates preschool and elementary children. Funds raised at past events have enabled the school to accomplish many great projects like:


  • Transforming a parking lot into a magical outdoor play area that sparks the imagination

  • Creating a space where healthy meals, cooked from scratch, are shared with friends

  • Providing children with a dedicated art/creativity space (the Atelier)

  • Giving life to our beautiful vegetable and sensory garden


Last year, we had close to 400 guests at the event. We want to again thank our families and sponsors for participating in last year’s Spring Gala. All sponsors and donors will be acknowledged publicly through listings in the program, mentioned on our website, and at the event.

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We appreciate your interest in making La Scuola a philanthropic priority. We are a 501c(3) organization and all donations are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law. All gifts, large and small, make a difference in sustaining the education and community at La Scuola.


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We look forward to a festive and successful gala this year. And we expect to see you on the dance floor!

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